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What is Henderson PAC?

The Henderson Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of parents / guardians who meet on a predetermined basis to discuss events happening around the school, hear informative presentations from staff and visiting presenters, and to work together to plan creative events for our school community.


As a parent / guardian you are automatically a member of the PAC. We welcome everyone to attend PAC meetings and get involved in our school in whatever way you can.

What is the Henderson PAC Leadership Team?

The Henderson PAC Leadership Team is a group of up to twelve (12) members who take on more responsibilities or a leadership role. PAC Leadership roles can be shared between two (2) people, if desired. These members are elected into their roles on an annual basis (see exception below) at a predetermined time. If a position is vacant it may be filled via a vote at a regular PAC meeting.


Note: Two members of the same household may share a role with the following considerations:

  • If the role is a required Signing Officer, only one of the two may be added as such

  • They share a singular vote when making a Leadership decision

PAC Executive job descriptions



  • Calls and chairs Leadership and PAC meetings

  • Prepares each meeting’s agenda

  • Coordinates with the school admin to ensure both the PAC and school are being heard

  • Oversees and appoints special committees, as needed, to carry out PAC business

  • Takes minutes at each PAC meeting

  • Provides a copy of the minutes for review and posts as needed

  • Keeps the PAC mailing list up to date

  • Sends emails, as needed, to the Henderson Community

  • Takes lead of creation and distribution of any required flyers / notices

  • Manages the Henderson PAC website

  • Managers the John Henderson Elementary Parents Facebook page

  • Is a Signing Officer


Vice Chair

  • Assumes the duties of the Chair in their absence

  • Supports and accepts duties, as required

  • Is a Signing Officer

    • Note: If there are co-chairs, the Vice Chair role is not required if there are no interested parties.​



  • Tracks activity on both the Regular and Gaming accounts via monthly bank reconciliation

  • Issues cheques as needed

  • Makes bank deposits as needed

  • Provides an up to date record of both accounts at each PAC meeting or as requested

  • Is responsible for applying for the annual Gaming grant

  • Is a Signing Officer

    • Note: This position requires a 2-year term commitment. ​


District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Representative

  • Attend District level events / meetings as a representative of the Henderson PAC

  • Acts as an advocate for the Henderson Community at DPAC events / meetings

  • Provides DPAC updates at Henderson PAC meetings


Volunteer Coordinator

  • Works with the Chair, Fundraising Coordinator and Hot Lunch Coordinator to put out calls for volunteers as needed 

  • Responsible for contacting volunteers without email by phone or text

  • Keeps an up to date record of volunteer names and contact information

  • Acts as a single point of contact for volunteers at events / activities


Fundraising Coordinator

  • Takes lead on researching fundraising opportunities

  • Presents new opportunities at PAC meetings

  • Reports on fundraising activities (past or upcoming)

  • Works closely with the Chair to communicate with Henderson families

Hot Lunch Coordinator

  • Manages all aspects of the Hot Lunch program

  • Works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure parent volunteer support is available

  • Is a Signing Officer

Community Engagement Coordinator

  • Establishes relationships with local community partners (ex. Sunset Community Association, VPL, local business, surrounding schools)

  • Provides resource material to the Henderson Community (ex. links to programming, activities, reference materials)

  • Coordinates opportunities for Henderson families to connect with one another (details and vehicles – TBD)

  • Coordinates potential guest speakers

  • Works closely with the Communications Manager to communicate with Henderson families

Classroom Parent Coordinator 

  • Recruits parents in each division to be single point of contact for PAC

  • Ensures classroom parents have the information needed to share with classroom teachers and other parents

  • Shares any classroom parent questions / feedback with PAC Leadership, as needed

Note: This is a new initiative and will require someone willing to develop the program from scratch with input from the school Admin and PAC Leadership team before deploying to the larger school community.


Members at Large (Maximum of 2)

  • Help with duties as they arise and are of interest to them throughout the year

  • Head sub-committees (ex special events), as needed

    • Note: Preference given to parents of grade 6/7 parents who have held PAC Leadership positions previously.


Want to help but not sure how?

We’re always in need of assistance with the following:

  • Website and / or graphic design

  • Virtual meeting moderation

  • Technical assistance and know-how

  • Extra hands at all of our events and activities

  • Fundraising and canvassing

  • Community connections

  • Translation services

  • Grant applications

Interested? Email with your questions and / or complete the John Henderson PAC Leadership team - expression of interest form. 

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