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Henderson Family Photos - FAQs

Who is the photographer? Michael Fabros. Michael is a Henderson parent. His work can be found here: 

When will photos take place? Families will be given a choice of times on Saturday April 10 or Sunday April 11, 2021 between 10am and 3pm.


How long will I have to take my photos? Each family is given 15 minutes with the photographer.


How much does it cost? A $25 non-refundable sitting fee is charged up front.


Photo package prices are:

Package # 1 - $40. Includes: 8 x 10 print x1, 5 x 7 print x2, 4 x 6 print x2

Package # 2 - $60. Includes: 8 x 10 print x2, 5 x 7 print x4, 4 x 6 print x4

Package # 3 - $75. Includes: 16 x 20 print x1, 8 x 10 print x1, 5 x 7 print x1, 4 x 6 print x2

Package Digital - $75. Includes: Digital copies of all shots

Is there a limit to how many people can be in the photos? Yes. In order to be compliant with current gathering rules, there is a limit of 6 (six) people at one time. This includes anyone who is there with you that is not in the photos (eg. grandparents).


I have more than 6 people in my family. How can I have my photos taken? Please email and we will do our best to make alternate arrangements.

Note: There may be an additional cost depending on the accommodation made. There are also no guarantees we’ll be able to make an accommodation.


How do I secure my time? Complete the request form and a member of PAC will contact you to select a 15-minute time slot. The PAC member will provide you with details on how to pay your $25 booking fee at this time. 


  • Families will be contacted in the order in which their booking form is received.

  • Payment of the $25 sitting fee must be made to confirm your booking. 

    • Failure to pay within the agreed upon time will result in your spot being forfeited. Rebooking will be dependent on availability.

  • Spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. 

  • Spots are limited, so book early.

  • If interest exceeds spots available, we will keep a waiting list and contact people accordingly.


How do I make my $25 sitting fee payment? A member of PAC will provide you with details on how to pay your $25 booking fee. 


Will I get to see my photos before I decide if I want a photo package? Yes. The photographer will contact you via email to let you know when your photos are ready for viewing.


How can I order a photo package? Orders and payments are coordinated with the photographer directly. He will provide info on how to place and pay for an order via email.


When will the photos be available? We’re hoping to have the photos available by May 7, 2021 (in time for Mother’s Day) but there are no guarantees.


Do I have to purchase a photo package? No. There is no obligation to purchase a photo package.


Where will the photos take place? The photos will be taken outside near Sunset Community Centre.


What if it rains? Photos will go ahead rain or shine. If the weather is unseasonably bad, we will contact you up to 1 hour before your scheduled time slot to reschedule.


What if I am no longer able to attend? Please email at least 24 hours before your scheduled time slot and we will do our best to make alternate arrangements and / or offer a refund.


Is this a PAC fundraiser? Yes. Though the prices have been set low to ensure it is an affordable way for our families to have their photos taken.


Will there be individual school photos this year?

We don’t know. Principal Sandhu will confirm if individual photos will be offered through the school sometime after Spring Break.


Where do I check-in for my photos? Details will be provided once your booking is completed. A reminder email with detailed information will be sent a couple of days before the event.


When should I check-in for my photos? We ask that families arrive 5-10 minutes before their scheduled time slot. Due to current gathering rules, you may be asked to wait at a distance, if earlier than that.


What happens if I’m late for my scheduled time slot? If you are 5 (or less) minutes late for your time slot, it will be deducted from your time with the photographer. If you are 6 (or more) minutes late, your sitting fee will be forfeited.


What happens if I don’t show up for my scheduled time slot? Your $25 sitting fee will be forfeited.


Do I need to wear a mask? Yes. We ask that you respect the photographers and volunteers by wearing a mask during the arrival and check-in process. It can be removed for your photos.


Is there a washroom available? Sunset Community Centre has washrooms. Their use is dependent on Centre rules about public entry. It is strongly recommended that you use the washroom before arrival.


Can I bring my pet? Yes. We ask that if you do bring your pet to be a part of your photos, you maintain control of it at all times and clean up after it, as needed.

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